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Futures of Engineering Accreditation: Investigating and validating the purpose and scope of accreditation

The expectations of engineers are continually growing, and the accreditation of engineering education is increasingly crucial to their success. Futures of Engineering Accreditation (FEA) aims to gather diverse perspectives and consider how these insights can chart a new path for the future of accreditation.

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A key element of the Futures of Engineering Accreditation project is collecting research from the engineering ecosystem, about the system. Over the course of this project, findings are gathered through workshops, meetings, and events with stakeholders. After these meetings, new conversations, thoughts, and ideas about the project may develop.  

This form provides an opportunity to share those conversations, thoughts, and ideas about the project, the accreditation system, or the engineering ecosystem at large. Insights collected from this form will be reviewed by the project team and will inform our research to help determine a path forward for the future of accreditation. This information will not be published.  Click here to share your thoughts

Throughout this journey, Futures of Engineering Accreditation will:

Conduct a fundamental review of the current accreditation system and re-examine its purpose in the context of the overall licensure system.

Investigate best practices in engineering education to understand the current and future needs of engineering education.

Examine the academic requirement for licensure and its use in both accreditation and licensure.

Gather the different perspectives of the Canadian engineering ecosystem to shape future evolutions of accreditation to best meet society’s needs.

Create and share a Path Forward Report with recommendations for all stakeholders.

Futures of Engineering Accreditation aims to reach as much of the Canadian engineering ecosystem as possible. If you have any questions about the project, or are interested in getting involved, please email

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