Throughout the project journey, FEA will engage with the various stakeholders from the engineering ecosystem. As their perspectives are gathered through engagement sessions, this page will archive all insights and findings. This information will help shape future sessions as more learnings are collected.

Document title Description Publication date
Foresight Session Event Journal (November 2022)

From November 24-25th, 2022, we brought together a committed group of over 70 individuals to look holistically at the engineering profession, anticipate emerging shifts and begin identifying implications for the accreditation system and the academic requirement for engineering licensure. This document details key themes, insights, and reflections from the event.

Perspectives on The Purpose of Accreditation: Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board & Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board

In September 2022, Coeuraj and Engineers Canada gathered with the CEAB and CEAB individually, for these groups to share perspectives on the purpose and structure of the accreditation system. This report outlines the key perspectives of both groups.

Gathering Engineering Deans Canada’s Perspectives on Accreditation

On May 16, 2022, Engineers Canada and Coeuraj were invited to join the annual Spring Meeting of EDC, to facilitate a 90-minute collaborative session in which we mapped out responses to four key questions pertaining to our work to determine the purpose and scope of accreditation. This document provides a summary of the presentations, as well as the notes that each participant took.

Benchmarking the Canadian Engineering Accreditation System

In support of Engineers Canada’s strategic priority to Investigate and Validate the Purpose and Scope of Accreditation, this report provides a benchmarking of the accreditation systems of comparator jurisdictions (Australia, France, Malaysia, and Poland,) and comparator regulated professions within Canada (Information Technology and Processing Professionals, Nursing, and Social Work).

Current and Emerging Practices in Engineering Education

This report provides a synthesis of current and emergent practices in engineering education within Canada and internationally.